The Flash Show of FL Tank Container Model


A few days ago, we introduced a 1:50 tank model made of zinc alloy to you (For details, please refer to this article: The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model)

Today I want to show you the FL tank which is the leading large-scale tank model in the tank model session.



This model is completely handmade in equal proportions according to the international standard 20 feet T11 tank drawings provided by customers.

Details such as the sidewalk at the top, different valves, and the curvature of the frame are all fully restored to the real tank container.


The scale is 1:16, the size is L 38.10 x W 15.50 x H 16.50 cm, and the weight is about 0.25kg. Taking into account the saving of international transportation costs, the material is mainly ABS plastic. It took nearly 3 months from drawing, proofing, and testing to mass production. Send to RAFFLES branches around the world such as Shanghai, Singapore, the United States, Germany, etc. for office decoration.



It is inseparable from the excellent and professional team of Micro Shipping and the efficient cooperation of customers to complete the large-scale tank model of new customers so well. For example, confirming the details of the drawings, explaining the production process, comparing the actual modification of the samples, etc., if the email is almost there, then a video call will fuel the flames.


About the customer Raffles Lease:

The order was negotiated by Eurotainer USA, the world leader in the tank leasing industry and also the brother company of Raffles Lease.

Established in 2006, Raffles Lease Singapore is a tank leasing company headquartered in Singapore. Acquired by Eurotainer's parent company, Ermewa group in 2019. Founded in 1956, Ermewa Group is mainly engaged in the transportation of liquids by tanker trucks and currently manages more than 60,000 tanker trucks. It is one of the leading industrial tanker rental, operation, maintenance ,and asset management companies in Europe.


Thanks to Raffles Lease and Eurotainer for their support and trust, we are looking forward to further cooperation with Ermewa Group in the future.

We also welcome other tank container industry leaders to call to discuss and jointly create a new era of gifts for tank containers!


In addition, a little secret is revealed: I heard that Micro Shipping is developing a new type of tank container gift, which is unique at present, one of a kind in the world…


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