Micro Shipping Shines at the 17th China International Logistics and Supply Chain Expo


From September 21st to 23rd,

 the highly anticipated 17th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Expo 

(referred to as "Logistics Expo") 

was held in conjunction with the 8th Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Product Expo 

and the 2023 Shenzhen International Prefabricated Vegetable and Food Supply Chain Expo 

at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.


  As the first domestic expo with "supply chain" as its theme, 

it is hailed as the "global logistics and supply chain industry development indicator." 

With the theme of "industrial ecology, global platform, digital empowerment, and leading the future,"

 this Logistics Expo attracted nearly 2,000 companies from around the world 

and received a total of 242,000 professional visitors from various countries, 

breaking historical records in terms of the number of participating companies and exhibition area, 

showcasing the latest trends and innovative achievements in the global modern logistics 

and supply chain industry. 



Micro Shipping Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Micro Shipping") 

was also invited to participate in the expo 

and received high praise from customers due to its long-standing practice 

of shipping culture communication values and service advantages, 

attracting great attention from guests and shipping logistics companies present at the event.


Connecting the world, deepening international exchanges and cooperation

This year marks the 7th time that Micro Shipping has participated in the expo 

and the 11th year since Micro Shipping has been based in China, 

connecting the world. Over the past 11 years, 

Micro Shipping's circle of friends at home and abroad has continued to expand, 

and the footsteps of shipping culture communication have gone further. At this grand gathering of global logistics 

and supply chain wisdom, 

representatives from companies in different countries and regions gathered together for in-depth exchanges, 

sharing experiences, and expanding cooperation, 

thereby accelerating innovation and progress in the global logistics and supply chain industry 

and continuously promoting the development of global logistics culture into a new chapter.


Never forget the original intention, 

driven by innovation. Over the years, 

Micro Shipping has always adhered to the principles of Quality / Expertise / Efficiency / Service / Brand, 

exploring innovation and practice in the field of shipping culture, 

shipping art communication, and dissemination of new areas, 

together with many advantageous shipowners, 

industry alliances, and peers, forging ahead to create a business card for Shenzhen 

and even the world's shipping culture.


"Special" highlights, shipping creativity worth looking forward to

As a shipping company, 

it is ideal to choose high-quality cultural carriers that fully represent the company's culture, 

embody shipping cultural values, and are diverse and humanized. 

Not only can it serve as the best bridge for corporate promotion, 

but it can also be used as an employee welfare to enhance the cohesion of the company.


During the exhibition, 

various exquisite shipping creative products were showcased 

in the carefully designed display cabinets of Micro Shipping, 

attracting numerous visitors with their brilliant colors and exquisite craftsmanship, 

becoming the center of attention. At the same time, 

the staff from Micro Shipping also introduced the company's years 

of innovative concepts and craftsmanship achievements on-site in a simple 

and understandable manner. Best-selling products such as container pen holders, 

container tissue boxes, 

container ship models, 

container truck models, 

and container mobile power sources made their appearance, 

receiving love and recognition from many shipping logistics companies.



Delving into the details, creating a "whale"-themed shipping business card

Micro Shipping is a full-stack solution provider rooted in Shenzhen, 

specializing in customized exclusive gifts for shipping enterprise customers. 

To achieve the integration of corporate culture 

with creativity, art, and industrial craftsmanship, 

it is committed to cultural and creative enterprises engaged in shipping culture communication 

and dissemination. The whale is our brand symbol, 

and the company has always adhered to the concept of "from shipping, to shipping," 

while focusing on the main business of creative shipping-related products, 

it strives to explore innovation and practice in new areas such as shipping culture, 

shipping history, and shipping art communication and dissemination.


The designers at Micro Shipping have years of experience in various positions in the shipping industry, 

so they can truly create excellent works from the perspective 

and needs of industry insiders in the research and development of various shipping characteristic products.

As a result, 

every alloy container ship model produced by Micro Shipping strictly maintains the same number of containers as the real ship. 

The details of the container ship, 

such as the bridge, chimney, and lookout tower, 

are made according to the scaled-down ship drawings and pictures, 

with 100% simulation of the details, each with its own unique features.


As a promoter of shipping trend culture, 

Micro Shipping's footprint now covers the globe. 

With industry-leading service standards and customer experience, 

it continues to provide high-quality cultural and creative services to shipping companies at home and abroad, 

promoting the high-quality development of shipping culture communication.