CMA China Celebrates 30 Years with Commemorative Gift Set: A Symbol That Can Become a Secret Weapon


01Every Leading Shipping Enterprise Has a Legendary Tale

In a development journey spanning 30 years, with over a decade of shared experiences,

this marks a new beginning bathed in the glow of mutual growth.

Established in 1978, CMA CGM, the French shipping group,

headquartered in France, ranks as the country's first and the world's third-largest global container carrier.

Its footprint spans over 400 ports worldwide, creating a prominent presence in the global shipping industry.

The emergence of Da-Fei China signifies the official entry of the French CMA CGM into the Chinese market,

extending its services along the Chinese coast and inland regions.


Today, after 30 years of transformative growth,

Da-Fei China has evolved from the aspirations of an individual into a cohesive force of 20,000 people,

collaborating with over 3,000 partners. With more than 110 weekly routes connecting 14 major Chinese ports,

a Da-Fei container ship sets sail from China to destinations across the globe every two hours,

establishing itself as a pivotal leader in global shipping,

land transport, aviation, and logistics.


"The entrepreneurial spirit, passion and dedication to development and innovation,

along with the core values of fearlessness, pursuit of excellence,

becoming an expert, and envisioning the future."

The future is always filled with challenges,

but Da-Fei China has already translated its past 30 years into a formidable internal strength.

Together with more professionals in the shipping industry, it aims to pioneer a more colorful world of shipping.

Micro Shipping is fortunate to be a part of this journey.

02 On the Path to Excellence Similar Minds Will Always Meet

The type of products and services offered reflects the characteristics of the team behind them.

An item, after multiple refinements and the infusion of dedication,

will always carry the unique genes of its developers

and brand. Between individuals and brands,

a bridge spanning across the skies is built.


Over the past decade, we've celebrated the 30th anniversary of CMA CGM in the United States and now,

the 30th anniversary in China. From initial design concepts to tangible artistic pieces—whether it's container pen holders,

container mobile power supplies, container tissue boxes, container flower pots,

container USB drives, and more, these creatively designed items bring the metaphorical "large ship" into people's daily lives.

They infuse the brand with new value and significance.


03 Every Shipping-themed Creative Product Can Become a Symbol for You and Me

Each specification guarantees continuous quality assurance and adds infinite layers of trust and reputation.

Invited to meet the exclusive commemorative demands for Da-Fei China's 30th anniversary,

this collaboration includes a set of six items: customer-specified container USB drives,

30th-anniversary metal keychains, airplane models,

ship models, container truck models, and handcrafted art-themed gift boxes,

totaling 2000 sets.


1-231129120R9161.jpgAmong them, the noteworthy item is the container USB drive.

Launched by Micro Shipping in 2012, it was the market's first container-shaped USB drive.


Container USB flash drive testing in progress

Featuring chips from top brands such as SanDisk, Kingston, Hyundai, Hitachi, LG, and sealed with a vinyl coating process,

it achieves high-speed stability and waterproof, shockproof effects. Before each shipment,

professional equipment is used to conduct read/write tests on the chips to ensure an excellent user experience.



What's surprising is that the first container USB drive,

launched over a decade ago, is still in normal use.

Currently, after tight schedules and intensive refinement by multiple technical teams,

this 30th-anniversary commemorative gift set,

once launched, has created a wave of enthusiasm.


It's not an exaggeration to say that it's hard to find a set, and many friends in the industry come to purchase

and customize it based on its reputation.

In terms of quality control,

deepening services, and efficiency improvement,

we have received quality feedback from customers.


We consistently strive alongside shipping enterprises in the dual pursuit of brand culture and value output,

intending to make each shipping-themed creative commemorative item a prominent symbol.

04 In the Face of Excellence Choosing Is Never a Problem

Many wonder why these top companies in the shipping industry,

over the years, unanimously choose Micro Shipping.

The answer lies in the differences,

the gaps; how to choose has never been a problem.

The products boast unique creativity, services exhibit high professionalism and efficiency,

the team holds 100% experience in the shipping industry,

and the brand originates from the world of shipping.

Only through unwavering dedication and diligence year after year can one accumulate rich reputation and acclaim.

Choosing Micro Shipping is choosing professionalism, quality, trust, and brand assurance.