The DF Train Model Produced by Maersk Is Launched!


Maersk  Micro Shipping   DF Train Model

“The Belt and Road Initiative” Connectivity


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of “the Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI).

The BRI spans the continents of Asia and Europe, connecting the vibrant Asia-Pacific economic circle at one end and developed European economic circle at the other. If the “Belt and Road” are likened to the two wings of a soaring Asia, then connectivity is like their arteries and veins. The railway is not only the main artery of national economy, but also plays a pivotal role in the development of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”, with its mission to enhance connectivity and win-win cooperation between different countries.

The strategy of railway projects linking China to countries along the BRI focuses on six economic corridors, including the China-Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor, the China-Parksitan economic corridor, the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor, the China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor, and the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor. In total, there are 29 major railways, along which more than 40 countries and regions are benefited.


Deep Integration with the International Giant

As one of the world’s top 500 companies and a leading shipping and logistics enterprise, Maersk mainly focuses on ocean transport, port infrastructure construction, operation and management, etc. Having developed in China for a couple of years, Maersk has actively seized the opportunity to fully integrate into the “Belt and Road Initiative” construction and promote in-depth cooperation around the world continuously.


Fortunately, our project for the development of the train set in railway transport is favored by Maersk, which gives us an opportunity to carry out further and in-depth cooperation. At the same time, another two businesses, i.e., NSR Chongqing and Changchun International Land Port Co., Ltd., also signed the contract.


An Accurate Replica of the Train Set

In fact, the interweaving of skills and the railway culture is actually the most difficult part of the designing and manufacturing of the train set.

After a collection of large amounts of information, negotiations and evaluations, we finally chose the head of the DF7C diesel locomotive as our prototype, which enjoys the highest output in the Dongfeng Series and can be seen in many railway bureaus in China.


It takes 10 months to design and manufacture The dedication of the Micro-Shipping’s R&D team has been condensed in the seemingly systematic 5 R&D and production steps. From the 3-D drawing and design of products to hand-board model making, to mold design and production to pre-production sample reviewing and debugging, and finally to mass manufacturing, a lot of challenges have confronted us during the long process. However, we firmly believe that the long-term cultural export will definitely witness one legend after another.

Next, follow us to have a look at the DF train set!


the body, chassis, 

and wheels are made of alloy, 

others are made of assisted metal


Set components: 

1:87 alloy-made DF locomotive*1

flat car*2

40-foot container*2

 spliced train tracks*3 



Overall size: its overall length is 75cm when it is put together

Single locomotive 23*3.5*5.5cm (length, width and height); 

1 flat car 16.5*3.7*2cm (length, width and height); 

1 container 14.1*2.9*3.4cm (length, width and height); 

1 track 24.8*4.9cm (length and width), 

the width and inner diameter of the track are 2cm and 1.7cm respectively.



Product packaging: 

blister packaging in color box, 

33 cm in height, 

26 cm in width, 

and 6.2 cm in thickness

Weight of the whole set: 850.00g


NSR Chongqing orders 200 sets


Changchun International Land Port Co., Ltd. orders 100 sets


With Condensed Culture, the Mission Is on the Shoulder

Although this alloy set weighs less than 1kg, there are a total of 196 spare parts and 273 procedures including die-casting, polishing, spraying, printing, and assembling. Highly simulated in 1:1 scale, the product bears the great responsibility of brand culture export, exchange and communication for the logistics enterprises along the Belt and Road with intangible cultural power and the excellence in craftsmanship, becoming a characteristic and iconic derivative in the field of railway logistics both at home and abroad. Besides, it is also a medium and high-end railway cultural product which is worth collecting with far-reaching significance.



It is believed that it will make brilliant contributions in the future!

We are proud to be its developer and manufacturer!

Here, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Maersk once again and invite more railway transport companies to cooperate with us. Welcome you come to Micro-Shipping and create a better future with us together!