The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model


Conventional cargo transportation is usually handled by shipping Containers, how to transport liquid or gas?

Today we are going to talk about the model of tank container, which specializes in shipping alcohol, oil, chemicals, other liquid and gas cargoes.


The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图1)


The tank is composed of a liquid tank and a frame. The liquid tank is oval or approximately spherical, with a double-layer structure. The inner surface is mostly 316 stainless steel, epoxy resin coating is added to prevent the goods from corroding the tank. The outer surface adopts thermal insulation material. The frame is made of high-strength steel, and the liquid tank is placed in the middle of the frame.


The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图2)


The outer frame size of the tank is the same as the size of a 20’’ container (L20' x W8' x H8'6''), but a tank has a volume of 24,000 liters that contains 45% more liquid cargo than a 20’’ container. With the same freight rate, the space utilization rate is greater, which directly saves costs.

The most widely used tanks on the market are T11, T50, T75, etc.

Today our hero is a 20’’ UN T75 cryogenic tank model.

I also witnessed T75's growth, from an ignorant young boy in the 3D drawings, then he leaped into a handsome man who has been loved by thousands of people. The road is not easy, mixed with sweat and touching moments.

When you want to customize a new model, two solutions offered by Micro Shipping as below to support:


  1. Small quantity, complicated structure - Made by hand.


  1. Large quantity, general structure, long-term demand-Open new mold.


Documents required:

3D drawings.

Multi-angle detailed pictures.

Estimated model size or proportion.


Material requirements etc.

Our engineering team will evaluate and quote accordingly.


The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图3)


To get a perfect model, the above two solutions will go through such repeated steps: redraw the 3D drawings of the model, sampling, testing and repeatedly modifying the drawings, sampling, testing structure, details, etc.


Looking back on the birth history of the T75 tank model, 3D drawings have been revised in less than ten versions, and the renderings have been modified from the one to the last ten. Most of the designs are partners of the end customers and famous in the tank industry. Such as eurotainer, DEN HARTOGH, HOYER, SCHENK, TRIFLEET, Radix, Air Flow, etc. Fortunately, the customer was very satisfied with Micro Shipping's work after receiving the samples. We hope that gift receivers will be more satisfied when they receive these exquisite gifts so that T75 tank models can play a greater value.


The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图4)

The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图5)


Let’s also applause to thank the "mother" of the T75 tank model, for their support and trust. Cryovat under The Rootselaargroup. A large tank factory in the windmill kingdom, Nijkerk, Netherlands.


The Rootselaargroup was established in 1957. In the 1980s, the company's business expanded to the production of liquefied petroleum gas tanks. Group subsidiaries are deeply involved in the tank container industry. Such as Tankbouw Rootselaar, Cryovat, Hadetec, Cryotech Asia, Cryotech Middle East, Kooiman, etc.


Cryovat has been focusing on the industrial gas market for 50 years. In addition to designing, engineering, and manufacturing new tanks, Cryovat also provides a series of services such as repair, refurbishment, maintenance certification, or modification of tanks.

This is the end of the T75 tank model. The end is also a new beginning.


The Birth Road of T75 Tank Model(图6)


Micro Shipping is looking forward to more challenges of turning the models in 3D drawings into desktop models.

As long as you want it, we-Micro Shipping together can make it!