How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?




Since the estalishment of Micro Shipping in 2012, we have gained a lot of support and love from variety cutsomers. Today we are glad to share some of our customers' trust and love with you. Come and check if you are nominated? 


Customer 1: New 100pcs blue Alloy Container Model was placed by a Netherlands shipping logistics company.

JORDEX: All very happy with the containers! We put the 1st model in a nice place in the office:)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图1)


Customer 2: New 2,000pcs Diecast Alloy Container Model was made for the first order. Already planning for the second order as soon as the first order was received.

Saudi Arab customer Mustafa:Thanks for the support, very happy with your quality, the next order will be confirmed in the coming 3-4 months! 


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图2)


Customer 3: New  Open new mold to produce cryogenics Diecast Alloy Tank Model T75.

Cryovat:a tank container expert in the Netherlands: All the colleagues liked the mold!!!


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图3)


Customer 4: New  1,000pcs star product order - Pen Container was ordered by a Spanish group company.

 Spanish group company OPERINTER:All is Good, Good job!


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图4)


Customer 5: New Pen Container was too popular and be snapped up soon during the exhibition.

Shanghai customer: Very good effect and they attracted much attention during the exhibition! Fortunately, I kept a few wisely, otherwise they would all be robbed!


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图5)


Customers 6: Old friend MSC, Egypt branch office just received the Truck USB and started to design the Ship USB.

MSC branch office:I just received the Truck USB, it’s really good, thank you so much for your perfection and cooperation. I hope that we can deal with the Ship USB 


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图6)


In addition to continuing to maintain the satisfaction of existing customers, we also continue to develop new ideas to let more people see the artistic beauty of shipping.

Integrating shipping characteristics with Chinese traditional design - Container Tea Pots, (Details in the link: The perfect combination of Shipping and Art), Container Moon cake Gift Boxes( Details in the link: Micro Shipping Container Mooncake Gift Box)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图7)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图8)


Integrating shipping characteristics with cartoon design - The Port of Kobe gift sets (Details in the link: When the container meets the Art Graffiti)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图9)


Integrate shipping characteristics into daily life -Container luggage tags(Details in the link: Take the luggage tag, let’s go traveling), Container picnic insulation bags(Details in the link: All You Need for Your Spring Date Is This Insulated Bag)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图10)


How is Micro Shipping in Clients Eyes?(图11)


Make your gifts not only good-looking, they can be necessities at critical moments, decorations in daily life, also are trendy products on the street. More features are waiting for you to unlock~

Thank you all for your support and love to Micro Shipping. Since the establishment of Micro Shipping in 2012, it has been adhering to the goal of becoming the top shipping gift brand.

As the saying goes, the one who wins the hearts of the people wins the world, and so does business. Of course, product quality is the prerequisite. Micro Shipping relies on the strong professional shipping knowledge of its leaders and team, the attitude of excellence, and unwavering belief. It has a reputation both domestically and abroad even all over the world.

Because of passions, therefore loves, because of loves, therefore perseveres, because of perseveres, therefore succeeds.

Why do so many domestic and foreign Shipping, freight and logistics enterprises choose Micro Shipping as the long-term designated and preferred supplier?  Perhaps it can be explained by the founder of Micro Shpping Mr. Vincent HAO always says:"We know you, becase We are from you.

If you have more ideas and needs about shipping gifts, 

please feel free to contact us by email