Customized China Merchants Viking Cruises | Not every cruise model can be a landmark scenery!


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Extreme cruise model customization tour

Spread shipping culture and appreciate coastal culture

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Carrier of a better life, communicator of coastal culture, creator of customized shipping


China Merchants Shekou x Viking Cruises

For a worthwhile trip

Shekou Cruise Home Port, also known as “Taiziwan Cruise Home Port”, 

is located at the breakwater of Shekou Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, 

Guangdong Province, China, which is a passenger terminal serving Shenzhen 

and also a large cruise home port in South China. China Merchants Shekou Holdings, 

a century-old state-owned enterprise and one of the world’s top 500 enterprises,

 is committed to becoming a “Carrier of a better life”.


Viking Cruises is a multinational cruise company founded by Norwegian entrepreneur Torstein Hagen in 1997.

 At present, the global fleet has 73 river ships and 6 sea ships,

 with business covering many markets around the world. 

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, it is an inland river and 

marine cruise company that has won many authoritative cruise awards at home and abroad.

China Merchants Viking Cruises, which was jointly funded by China Merchants Shekou Holdings 

and Viking Cruises in 2020, focuses on inland river and ocean trips to destinations, 

and is specially built for tourists interested in geography, culture and history, 

which has become the world’s leading high-end cruise operator.


The concentrated beauty of the craftsman


Luxury Viking Cruises model facing the world

Large luxury Viking Cruises model:

227cm 5 sets




50cm 20 sets



All-alloy luxury Viking Cruises model:

1000 sets 20cm





When you take the China Merchants Viking Cruises, 

you can also buy it on the ship - 20cm all-alloy luxury Viking Cruises model, 

as a rare and special souvenir with absolutely significant meaning!

Real restore process

Ultimate customized trip

The cooperation with China Merchants Shekou Port makes us feel honored and committed. 

With advanced technical strength, high standard service level

 and ingenious manufacturing spirit, the company has always helped to display cruise culture 

and promote cultural exchange and collision.



Every encounter with opportunity is a special trip. 

Since customers have high requirements for the details,

 color and simulation of the cruises model, in order to achieve better results, 

our team and a team of six engineers boarded the ship to investigate in person.



In combination with the drawings, 

aerial photos and video materials provided by the customer, we focus on the investigation of the details, take photos, 

color and carefully measure the data in an orderly manner. 

The main body adopts 3D printing, 

while a large number of metal and decorative accessories are made by manual customization.




Not every cruise model

Can become a landmark scenery

Each cruise model, from the 20cm all-alloy version to the 50cm, 

and even the 227cm large luxury version, 

requires delicate and small parts to be assembled slowly. All processes from design,

 technology, debugging, assembly, 

and production are very complex. Our team eliminates all difficulties, constantly adjusts the process route, 

improves the production efficiency, and achieves the utmost ingenuity.





After more than 200 processes, more than 800 parts assembly, 

4 months of ingenious manufacturing and polishing, through scientific design, 

reasonable time arrangement and professional project management, 

our experienced worker who has worked in the industry for more than 

20 years finally overcame the difficulties and completed the assembly of this project.

 Its high degree of restoration, exquisite workmanship and materials can be called an extraordinary innovation for us!



What is more surprising is that the 227cm model of a large luxury Viking Cruises actually weighs 200kg and requires 8-10 workers to move it. 

Of course, accidents often have feelings of love. The customer accidentally scratched the base of the model when carrying it. 

The company thinks of customers’ needs and is anxious for customers’ needs, 

and specially provides special repair service for door-to-door repair, 

which makes this incomparable large luxury cruise model take on a new look and be acclaimed as the peak of perfection.




Finally, the Viking Cruises ship model was officially displayed in the hall on the first floor of the Shekou Cruise Home Port, 

integrating technology and fashion, and became a dazzling new urban landmark.

 Here, you can immerse yourself in the luxury cruise model, deeply understand the cruise culture, 

and be deeply impressed by the cruise craftsmanship craft.



Here, we borrow and continue the brand concept of China Merchants Viking Cruises: 

“In the process of building a new ship culture tour, we repeatedly ask customers and ourselves, 

and finally realize the answer in the voyage of ‘Viking Cruises Model’. 

Just to live up to your expectations of the global shipping culture and make your trip worthwhile.”