Active demand is the top priority | The order of over 3000 container ship models by Evergreen


From Shenzhen to Taiwan,

From Micro shipping to all over the world,

From ship model customization to shipping culture communication,

From appreciation to recognition by headquarters of Evergreen Group,

We constantly strive for perfection with craftsman’s spirit,

And interpret that “active demand is the top priority”.

In Micro shipping

Meeting the needs of customers,

And amplifying our own value,

Have been our constant pursuit.


Improved orders

Witness our strength

MICRO SHIPPING & Taiwan Headquarters of Evergreen Group

1:700 57cm EVER ACE

Container ship    3850 sets

1:700 52cm EVER MAX

Container ship    3000 sets

EVER ACE is reordered with a larger order quantity

The quantity is still being counted


This batch of orders came from Taiwan Headquarters of Evergreen Group.

Evergreen Group is one of the top ten financial groups in Taiwan, China, with total assets of more than 100 billion yuan. Evergreen Marine Corp. is one of the largest shipping companies in the world, its container transportation routes cover Asia, America, Europe, Central and South America, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and other places, and its container carrying capacity has made it one of the largest container shipping enterprises in the world.

This time, with the recommendation of regular customers, we were appreciated by the Taiwan Headquarters of Evergreen Group and started this cordial cooperation.



In Micro shipping, we always adhere to the principles of customer-orientation and 100% strict quality control and meticulous details, and have a global vision and rigorous cooperation attitude.

From design, mold, sample, mass production, inspection, delivery to follow-up feedback, each minute link is checked by a specially assigned person at each layer to ensure that 100% links are up to standard, which is one of the reasons why many customers choose us, recommend us and reorder our products.

Rigorous process creates a benchmark

MICRO SHIPPING & Taiwan Headquarters of Evergreen Group


For excellent product quality, strict process specification and production management are the most critical links, 

which is also the most important point for Micro shipping.

Only by controlling and recording more than 100 details in 10 major links can we

Onsite video of delivery of samples of Evergreen ship model

Video of bulk production and delivery of Evergreen ship model

Full process of production and delivery


Make and modify the template


Confirm the template and draw the 3D drawing


Confirm the 3D drawing and make the 3D sample


Confirm the 3D sample and make the mold


Confirm the mold and make the pre-production sample


Complete the bulk production


Inspection of goods

This time, the customer has arranged the assembly for three times,

 sent colleagues from Dongguan and contacted leaders from Taipei Headquarters 

for video inspection, during which 30 to 50 sets of samples are inspected for each batch.


Reinforced packaging and delivery

To all over the world, including:

Europe: Germany, London

North America: Vancouver, New York

South America: Panama

Asia: Shenzhen, Taipei Headquarters


Goods tracking


Customer feedback tracking

The chairman and employees of Evergreen Group and customers are very satisfied with the quality and service of our products this time!

At present, the first 3850 sets of 1:700 57cm EVER ACE container ship models have been completed, but our cooperation with Evergreen Group has just begun.


Controlling details is the absolute principle

MICRO SHIPPING & Taiwan Headquarters of Evergreen Group

As a world-renowned enterprise, Evergreen Group pays special attention to quality and details, and has extremely high requirements.

The color of the hull and containers shall be very accurate; the printing of containers, details of the bridge (antenna, crane, lifeboat, fence, stairs), the modelling of the ship bow, the equipment on the deck, flags, etc. shall be strictly standardized; the acrylic cover shall be smooth without cutting hands, and the surface shall be free of dust and fingerprints; the size and color of the wooden base shall be very accurate without any error; the packing box shall be a side-opening box with a gold printed logo.


The stricter the requirements are, the more they spur us on.

In line with Evergreen Group, Micro shipping always keeps quality control in mind. It strictly follows the standardization and normalization in the production link, and achieves all-round reinforcement and guarantee in the inspection and delivery link.

It is worth mentioning that in the delivery this time, 2 sets are packed in 1 box, and wooden pallets are used. There are 4 boxes (8 sets) in one layer, and a total of 9 layers are adopted, namely 72 sets/pallet. 1 container can hold 10 pallets. We specially wrap the pallet with plastic film to prevent water and moisture, and specially protect the edges of cartons with corner protectors.


In addition, in order to make customers more satisfied, we carefully print the English of “EVERGREEN” on the carton, and also choose the same green on the pallet binding. At the same time, real Evergreen containers are specially arranged for loading, so that customers can visit the world with a more perfect brand image.

It is also a great honor for Micro shipping!


At present, the templet and 3D drawing of second 3000 sets of 1:700 52cm EVER MAX container ship have been completed and delivered to the Taipei

Headquarters for confirmation. We strive to complete the mold before the Lunar New Year, to start the bulk production without stop after the New Year, and to complete the delivery before the launch of the new ship in May 2023.

This is a challenge,

And will also be a new journey!

In the future,

We will cooperate with more well-known enterprises around the world,

bring a more diversified shipping culture and product quality

to all parts of the world.