A large number of shipping gift models exported to MSC Saudi Arabia



Here it is!

It's no exaggeration to say that it is a huge fan of Micro shipping for 10 years.

For years, 

Micro Shipping has been providing high-quality

 products and services for customers in more than 100 countries and regions including China, 

Switzerland (especially Geneva), and Saudi Arabia. 

We have become a bond between MSC and its shipping customers.


MSC + Micro shipping

10 years partnership


Since 2012,

 Micro shipping has been cooperating with MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company,

 the second largest shipping company 

and the largest container shipping company in the world.

By 2020, 

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company 

has conducted business in 155 countries and regions around the world. 

It is committed to promoting international trade between major global economies 

and emerging markets on all continents. 

By 2020,

 it has owned 560 transport ships, 

transporting about 21 million TEUs every year to 500 ports along 200 shipping routes, 

making it Micro shipping’s most loyal customer and partner.


In 2018, 

Mr. Hisham, CEO of MSC 

and a good friend of the CEO of Micro Shipping, 

paid a visit to our company, 

and expressed his satisfaction with our products and services.


High-quality products for more orders

In September 2021, 

MSC Saudi Arabia was relocated 

and purchased our products for the second time for office decoration 

and repaying frequent customers.

We produced 5,552 MSC business gift models 

in 10 kinds and finished the mass production within 30 days, 

and shipped these products to the port of the city where MSC Saudi Arabia was located.

Click to watch the production process of MSC container ship models

Click to watch the shipping video of MSC container ship models


Highlights are on the way!

The latest shipping products for MSC

1,000 container power bank

1000 container pencil sharpeners

1000 container gift boxes

1000 container sticky notes

1000 container lids

2 150-cm-long container ship models

10 100-cm-long container ship models

15 60-cm-long container ship models

25 40-cm-long container ship models

500 1:50 alloy container truck models







 1,000 1:30 alloy containers models for 

MSC Saudi Arabia were shipped before the National Day of 2022. 

Less than a month later, 

MSC Saudi Arabia ordered two 150cm large ship order.

For years, 

MSC Saudi Arabia has been one of our frequent customers. 

We believe that this is a tribute to our high-quality products and services.




More to come!

‘We know you, because we are from you.’

Micro Shipping is a creativity-oriented enterprise in Shenzhen, 

China. It engages in the niche market of shipping logistics, 

and is dedicated to the spread of shipping culture.

Our company was established 

by a group of young people who have been engaged 

in the shipping industry for years. 

Based in Shenzhen,

we will open up more markets in more countries 

and regions around the world.


We not only engage in the production of creative shipping-related products, 

but also strive to conduct innovative business in shipping culture, 

shipping history, 

and shipping art exchanges. 

We hope to develop into an iconic company 

that represents the shipping culture of Shenzhen, 

China and even the whole world. 

We hope that our microscopic models will bring pleasure to you 

and help you know more about the world.

You will find more shipping-related gifts 

and models in our mini-program on WeChat, 

including high-end gift boxes, 

trendy stationery, 

peripheral 3C products 

and shipping models etc..


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In Shenzhen, China, we will continue to serve our customers!