Ingenuity to the Original Aspiration - The World Travel of the Ship Model


With the gradual recovery of global industrial production, the demand for import and export of fast-moving consumer goods has rapidly increased, container capacity is relatively short, so that container freight rates have skyrocketed. 

For Micro Shipping, the second half of the year can be described as a ship model year, either on the way to making ship models or on the way to package and ship model ships. 

Let me share with you these beautiful moments~


1.30cm Ligentia (gradient color logo) container ship

The first beauty is called Ligentia from Hong Kong, blue and white hull with a gradient logo, 50 sets are custom-made nameplates to commend for their outstanding employees. Perfectionist requirements from the sampling, color adjustment, wooden base selection, painting design, packaging design, and packaging of goods. Fortunately, Micro Shipping has taken everything in hand, and it took three months to finish these 300 sets of satisfactory work. The world is so big, the Ligentia will be sent to around the world to travel.




2.40 cm CONTSHIP AIR mixed color container ship

The second beauty is the CONTSHIP AIR from the Greek shipowner. Burgundy + green hull, matched with mixed color containers.

Thanks for CONTSHIP CFO’s support of the detailed drawings, pictures, and video. Under the high standards demanded of customers, it took two months to modify and adjust the color of the mixed container and hull in the early stage, as well as printing. Finally won the customer's first 100 sets of orders. Demand communication + sample + mass production took nearly 5 months. The delivery before Christmas made the customer very satisfied, and immediately said that they will come back after the new year to continue to add!




3.SITC is one of our long-time customers

SITC is one of our long-time customers. Since the first cooperation in 2016, we have made alloy container truck, container pen holder, container flower pot, container storage box and other conventional products. Thanks for the recognition, trust and support of our old friend for Micro Shipping's excellent quality.

The first ordered container ship model is 300 sets of 25cm container ship model (SHAN DONG) in 2019, all of which will be sent to SITC headquarters in Shanghai, China.

This return order is the second order of ship model, which is 30cm container ship model with a cargo capacity of 2400TEU. The ship model is used for office decoration, decoration and some customer gifts. A total of 60 sets were distributed in China and 50 sets in Japan.





4.MSC GULSUN, the world's fourth-largest ship.

The third beauty is the MSC GULSUN, from our old friend - Saudi MSC.

This is the third order that the customer has placed after a container of ship models, container truck models, etc., thanks to old friends for their affirmation, trust and support of Micro Shipping's excellent quality.

This time the orders are all ship models, which are used for office decoration, furnishings and gifts from some VIP customers. There are 3 models of 150 cm, 10 of 100 cm, 15 of 60 cm, and 30 of 40 cm total.

PS: The Mediterranean Gulson is the world’s fourth-largest container ship and the first container ship with a carrying capacity of more than 23,000 TEU. The cargo system was designed by McGregor International Dock Equipment Company and built by Samsung Heavy Industries. It is 399.9 meters wide, 61.536 meters wide, 16.5 meters draft, and its capacity is 23756 TEU.




5.2pcs 150 cm COSCO SHIPPING SCORPIO container ships

The fourth beauty is the COSCO Scorpio in the COSCO Shipping Cargo Constellation series. The familiar COSCO Shipping blue~

Due to the tight deadline for order delivery, Micro Shipping went all out to reduce the time and rush to work day and night and finally delivered it to Hainan COSCO SHIPPING on time. 

PS: "COSCO SHIPPING Scorpio" was built by Dalian COSCO SHIPPING Kawasaki. The ship is 400 meters long, 58.6 meters wide, 30.7 meters deep, and has a maximum load capacity of 197,000 tons.


To ensure that customers receive the undamaged ship models smoothly, Micro Shipping also strives for perfection in packaging.

In addition to the fixed acrylic + high-grade wooden base, the ship model is wrapped with the sponge for shock absorption, self-locking plastic nylon cable ties are reinforced inside and outside, and wooden boxes/frames, pallets, etc. are used to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.


Whether it is from the preliminary demand communication, the production of the renderings, to the sampling, modification, bulk goods, packaging, and then to the customer's receipt. This series of operations is inseparable from the professional experience and serious attitude of the Micro Shipping team. While looking up at the starry sky, it is our unswerving pursuit to make every detail in front of us down-to-earth, letting every customer who chooses Micro Shipping be satisfied and see our ingenuity.