Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box


The Black Friday just left, Christmas and New Year are approaching. Some procurement managers are struggling to figure out what special gifts for the new year’s annual party to present to customers.


Under the voices of customers and friends, the talented designers of Micro Shipping launched this Container New Year gift box.


Let’s take a look at the fresh pictures!


Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box(图1)


The outer box of this New Year's container gift box is a high-end brocade box, the design continues the traditional elements + shipping characteristics.

The overall outer packaging is a Container shape (equipped with a red hand strap), presenting you a container of gifts!


Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box(图2)


The New Year’s gift box contains five special gifts: ↓↓↓

  1. Our star product pen holder: a 1:35 mini-container to display on the desk, to collect pens and business cards.

  2. A set of 6 exclusive red pockets: a design concept combining the four elements of sea, land, air, and railway.

  3. A metal red signature pen for writing the 2022 Fortune.

  4. 2022 calendar card.

  5. Special Chinese New Year stickers.


Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box(图3)


The color is the brightest Chinese red, combined with the traditional elements of the festival, gold ingots, full of goods. Coupled with the new year blessings of playful fonts to logistics people, full of sincerity~

The pen holder printing is specially added with a hot stamping process, matching the hot stamping advantage and sealing at the same time showing nobleness.

Two designs were taking into account the roles of freight forwarding logistics company and shipping company.

  • Caiyunhengtong: A container truck full of goods.

  • Huorulunzhuan: A container ship with full containers goods.

Ps: Welcome to send your mascot or logo or other features to Micro Shipping for customization! (MOQ>100 sets)


Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box(图4)


If you have some ideas after seeing our design, please contact the Micro Shipping team to customize your exclusive 2022 New Year Gift Box together. Whether it is your mascot, your anniversary design, or your annual party gift, only professionals can serve professors. Micro Shipping, which has been deeply engaged in shipping gifts for many years, and we are sure to arrange your shipping gifts properly.


How to customize your own gift box?

  • The quantity.

  • Delivery time (usually 20 working days, the peak season needs to be confirmed),

  • Vector format of logo and Pantone or Ral code.

Just send to to start your New Year Gift Box customization fantasy journey~


Come and Get Your Container New Year Gift Box(图5)

Greetings to all of you in advance, wish you all good fortune and full of orders.