Our Long-term Partnership with MSC Since 2012


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world’s 2nd largest shipping company, is one of our key clients since the year 2012 when the Micro Shipping was established. Micro Shipping had a vast co-operation in coverage of all kinds of products for MSC global events or activities.


Our Long-term Partnership with MSC Since 2012(图1)


Micro Shipping initiated the 1st co-operation with MSC H.Q. in Switzerland since the year 2015 for a project of 5,000pcs MSC container power banks which are selling in MSC Milano marine store in Italy. In 2018, Micro Shipping is working with the MSC H.Q. for a project of Aponte family for the MSC OSCAR container ship model in the length of 40cm, 80cm, 150cm & 250cm etc.

Our Long-term Partnership with MSC Since 2012(图2)


Up to date, Micro Shipping has produced a lot of popular items such as 1:50 /1:87 scale truck model, 1:30 alloy container model, tissue container, pen container with name card holder and USB truck etc., which MSC’s high demand & standard of product quality & service has been well matched. After 6 years’ persistence and commitment, Micro Shipping earned it’s reputation and is now recommended and selected as the premium vendor in MSC global offices & agencies.


Looking forward to the future, Micro Shipping will continue to grow and work with MSC in all aspects that related to marking and corporate branding, keep creating value while being more creative and reliable.


Our Long-term Partnership with MSC Since 2012(图3)